Why am i in creative?  

You just joined Creative Anarchy

Why no NBT Items/toolbar? 

Due to a feature in some hacked clients in which a player can spawn in world breaking items, NBT Items have been disabled to prevent server crashes and to maintain a single world.

What does 2B2D Stand for?

I don't know lol      

Whats the point of this server? 

Just like all anarchy servers, this one exists to have fun, Built stuff and just to do whatever you want. Want to experience anarchy without all the resource collecting stuff, then this server is for you.

When 1.20/21? 

As of 6/20/24 its just not possible. (i have tried). With time i will. 

Is there any admin interferance? 

No. Unless, The world lags and I need to delete the source of the lag to maintain a stable server, (never happened yet). Or anything that kills server TPS/RAM. In case somebody gets stuck, (how idk) Then I would be able to teleport you out of a situation. I will not however, teleport you anywhere else on the map. Every milestone achieved is achieved by the player and not the server administrator.

Is this server actively monitored? 

No, I have a job and am just a regular guy, I can maintain the server mostly remotely. But unexpected crashes of the server might take a couple of hours to days to fix. (never happened yet)

Why the low player count? 

Im just here running the server, I sadly can’t do anything about a low player count.

Future plans for the server? 

I will continue to maintain this server untill i die.

Why is the world capped? 

To save space, at least that was the goal. If al border have been reached including the diagonal axis, it will be updated to 30M. (after i bought new ssd's lol) 

Does the owner play on this server? 

No, I will however fly around from time to time when no one’s online. And to test some new features of course.  

Why so few commands? 

Regular minecraft commands available in creative are not allowed due to the lag free reset-less world thing.