Creative Anarchy

I joined 2b2t around 2021, exploring the world is all i did. I thought it would be nice running my own anarchy server, but of course there were already 10+ other 2b2t alternatives out there. One day while stumbling onto a creative server, i turned on some meteor client hacks and realised it would be amazing to build/grief this way. and long story short i created creative anarchy. a single world that will never reset, combined with creative mode and no rules. That was way better than just another survival 2b2t clone. The world was generated at night on the 5th of may 2022. with the first person joining on the 6th of may. Basically running a vanilla server, The server world would soon be exposed to extreme abuse from the use of NBT Edited items. Certain parts of the map would make the entire server and client crash daily. But after a couple of months of experimenting and shit, and the help of amazing people It now runs really well. In the early days when the server was still semi-exploitable we would see about 2 joins a day. see here a archived version of the website from June 2023.  Since then the server averages around 250 joins a month. (about 9 a day). The server has been getting bigger as well, with a backup now taking a significant hit on the servers performance.  Througout these years some people have put some serious dedication to the server. These people come and go. To all of you who are playing on and reading this, Thank you! - superdboy4




7/6/24: Negative Z World border has been reached (2.5M)


9/4/24: 2000 Unique players joined this server.


23/8/23: 1000 Unique players joined this server.


21/7/23:  800 Unique players joined this server.

7/7/23: 700 Unique players joined this server.

14/6/23: the website is born    

19/5/23: At this point the server is pretty much un-exploitable

4/3/23: Server is back up and people start joining again.

1/1/23: Server goes dark for 3 Months due to all the crashes

15/7/22: First illegal Kit found (aka source of all the crashes ive been experiencing)

5/5/22: World Generated